Friday, April 9, 2010

The new season is almost here [kinda!]

Dear Little Mad Men Blog,

I am sorry you've been sort of ignored lately, but when August rolls around again I promise I will pay more attention to you!  But just to get us excited - filming on the new season is gearing up! Oh SWEET JOY.

From Rich Summer's [aka Harry Crane who I continue to find weirdly and strangely adorable] Twitter:

I'm reading the first script of Mad Men Season Four in a coffee shop. DO NOT READ OVER MY SHOULDER. 
If I was in that coffee shop I would TOTALLY be trying to sneak a peek, sorry Rich. Maybe you should just "accidentally" leave it at your table. Kinda like how that Harry Potter script was recently left by a drunk crew member in bar?!

And from Janie Bryant's Twitter, who is the costume designer, and therefore the woman who puts Joan in all those dresses I want to own for myself and therefore also my hero:

Fittings all day for season 4 today. Costume meeting tonight. That is my life until September! Fun.
Fun times indeed!!  1964! Gulf of Tonkin Incident! Meet The Beatles! The debut of Jeopardy! The day of Stephen Colbert's birth! The Civil Rights Act! I may have just read the Wikipedia article for 1964!

But anyway, more important than all these things combined is this video, which I was alerted to via Ryan Seacrest's Twitter and which will surely become one of the masterpieces of American cinema:

How much do you want to work on the Mad Men  set after that? Do you have an old man crush on Bert Cooper like I do after those jazz hands? Can Jon Hamm drop it like its hot or what? Is Rich Sommer not as bad looking naked as you would have thought? Why don't our mothers allow us to walk around with dry cleaning bags on our heads any more?

August why aren't you next month!?