Sunday, October 11, 2009

RIP Kater Gordon.

Well not necessarily RIP because she's not you know dead, but Matt Weiner did fire her. The Mad Men camp released a statement about why he fired her, and of course its the typical useless platitudes:

"We think [Kater's] done a great job, particularly for someone whose career has progressed so quickly. Now, however, Matt has reluctantly decided that their relationship has reached its full potential. She'll be missed, but the series has consistently benefited from the influx of new writer talent, and there's absolutely no doubt that Kater will continue to have unprecedented success in her career as she spreads her wings. She leaves Mad Men with our love and respect and a well-deserved Emmy."

Lies! Well, maybe not complete lies but whenever you use phrases like "their relationship has reached its full potential" you know that's some bullshit and I want to know the true scandalous reason for firing a writer who just won your show an Emmy three weeks ago.
Rumors are floating around the internet and they range from Weiner pulling a Letterman as it were [when is someone going to blackmail Don Draper like that?! That's a good storyline! And I don't mean when Pete tried to do it, because whenever Pete does anything its half-assed and lame] to Weiner not being able to handle sharing an Emmy with someone else. Of course Weiner is an egotistical perfectionist, otherwise Mad Men wouldn't be nearly as meticulous and methodical as it is, so maybe that last one is true. But considering Gordon took the Peggy Olsen career path, starting out as a writer's assistant and quickly moving to staff writer, maybe Weiner just realized that "there's not one thing you've done here I couldn't live without." Via IMDB it looks like the only episode she wrote entirely by herself was "The Fog," and in context of the rest of Mad Men's episodes, I thought that one kind of sucked. So maybe the reason she was fired wasn't so scandalous after all.
People are also worried this will affect the quality of the show, but I honestly don't think it will matter. Mad Men seems to have a big enough stable of writers that she won't be missed, and let's be real, we all know Matt Weiner is the who has the final say at the end of the day.
But ahahahahha also according to IMDB, Gordon was a co-writer on the episode that's about the air in an hour. That's pretty funny.
So is the fact that her name is "Kater."

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