Friday, November 6, 2009

You're welcome ladiez.

So I was supposed to go to the movies tonight, but because my friends and I are terrible planners and time frames mean nothing to us, suffice it to say we are going tomorrow instead. Thus I am just chillaxin' at home on a Friday night surfing the interwebs, and lo and behold I came across this glory, and it had to be shared. Who knew Jon Hamm played in some celebrity softball game during the All-Star Game weekend? I did not, because I know nothing about sports. Like, literally nothing. [During the week my friend asked me if I could match up the correct city with its NFL team, and to everyone's surprise - including my own - I could. My knowledge ends there though, because its not like that powderpuff football I played in high school taught me anything legit.]

And now for your viewing pleasure, a photo essay:

Do you think Don Draper would approve of this white pants/black socks/white shoes situation?

What's this? A smile?! Now I know Don Draper
really wouldn't approve.

Who exactly are these other people?! The chick is clearly from Milwaukee and the dude who looks like T.I.'s evil twin is from St. Louis as well, but that does not help me in deciphering their identities. But it's really creeping me out how much that dude looks like T.I. [Was he in jail yet in July? Otherwise there is like an 60% chance it might actually be him.]

Problem solved - it's Chingy! And when else are you ever going to see Jon Hamm sitting next to Chingy?! Ah, baseball. The great American pastime.

I love ya Jon, but not gonna lie that neck vein is kinda creeping me out.

Ahahahaha, yes, let's waste time trying to imagine what was really going on when this photo was snapped.

STFU Jenna Fischer. It's bad enough that you get to hang with John Krasinski all the time, but now you're moving in on Jon Hamm too? Unacceptable.

"I thought you were just a high school football hero who hated his dad." Bwuhahahaha. It's funny. Because it's true.

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